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  1. FiveTenzo

    KA24de swap radiator setups?

    I have no idea, try to compare the dimensions(measure) of the radiators on a 620, 510, and the ae86. At first i was worried the ae86 rad was guna be to tall but it cleared fine.
  2. FiveTenzo

    KA24de swap radiator setups?

    I have a ae86 aluminum radiator in my 510. eBay $125 Didn't need to cut the radiator support like you have to with the "Datsun 510 KA radiator", fans are in front of the rad though but the hoses are on the right side so no ridiculous amount of hoses like farmer joe
  3. FiveTenzo

    SacDatsun Monthly Meet 'n Eat

    What time does it normally start? Might go
  4. FiveTenzo

    Longer studs

    I think its the infiniti j30 ones are longer that the 510s and if its not the j30 its another infiniti from that era but there about $2 each at autozone, or s13 50mm ebay ones.
  5. Are they the stock brackets with longer/bigger holes? Is it possible to get 0* camber if the 510 is "slammed"?
  6. FiveTenzo

    LUNATIKS96's 510

    Left front bigger than right front
  7. FiveTenzo

    LUNATIKS96's 510

    Why is the left flare bigger than the right?
  8. FiveTenzo

    ka24de swap 510 no start have spark, fuel to rail and cracks

    Fuel pump? Check ecu codes?
  9. FiveTenzo

    Any build threads on this car or build info?

    i seen him post on japanesenostalogiccar.com when he bought new wheels Maybe look on there
  10. FiveTenzo

    Possible 510 Setup?

    i think these are the ones that came with my 510. it had these and still and the stock springs in. Dont expect to go much low with these. i took out the stock springs and put ebay "coilover springs" slammed the car and blew the shocks. Now i have some Qa1 coilovers $500, cheaper that troy ermich and techno toy tunning coilovers, and they ride amazing with 300lb springs.
  11. Does it count as boso if your trucks high tho?
  12. FiveTenzo

    Ca18det swap into datsun 510

    Do you have to use a topmount turbo manifold or can you use the stock one?
  13. FiveTenzo

    Steering wheel hub

    eBay Boss kit?
  14. FiveTenzo

    KA24DE Loopy When I give it Gas

    Maybe a video? You checked ecu codes right?
  15. cant you buy a vw chin soiler for $70 new?

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