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  1. good/affordable undercarriage paint?


  2. where can i get a cheap brake master cylinder cap for a 71 510?

    1. RedBanner



    2. HOGIE


      I ordered one for my pickup yesterday for $20, centric

    3. banzai510(hainz)


      they last 2 yrs . max 4 to 5 if your lucky

  3. Where can i find oem 71 510 motor mounts(rubber)? Rock autos bend and rip with my KA and McKs ploys vibrate to much. Found some but for $100?

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    2. spriso


      510 motor mounts are still available from Nissan-- I use them on our SR install kits for Datsun Roadsters-- Find a Nissan dealer who is not too lazy to look up the part number--


      11220-A3500-- should cost about $26 each.

    3. MikeRL411


      KA torque may exceed OEM engine mount shear specs. If above part number doesn't work, consider taking your failed engine mounts to a tire recapper and see if he could replace the failed rubber parts with high shear strenght newly fabricated recap rubber and strong vulcanization to the steel parts! 80 Durometer rubber should do the trick.

    4. DrRocks0


      I have the McK rubber versions. Not as stiff as poly and take the abuse my SR puts down without breaking.

  4. I have no idea, try to compare the dimensions(measure) of the radiators on a 620, 510, and the ae86. At first i was worried the ae86 rad was guna be to tall but it cleared fine.
  5. I have a ae86 aluminum radiator in my 510. eBay $125 Didn't need to cut the radiator support like you have to with the "Datsun 510 KA radiator", fans are in front of the rad though but the hoses are on the right side so no ridiculous amount of hoses like farmer joe
  6. How much does a 1972 510 wagon rear end go for? North Cali, or 521, 620, 720.

  7. When doing savage washers on a 510 do people still get new subframe bushings?

  8. 240z subframe into 71 510? Handle better? Drift better? Rather not cut to fit a s14 subframe but who know

  9. Anyone have James Johnson's number? I need to get a door

  10. What time does it normally start? Might go
  11. Datsun 510 4dr with fiber glass 1/4 panels trunk lid and rear valence. Good or bad idea?

  12. How hard would it be to find a 720 diesel in cali? Might get one this summer and average price?

    1. 420n620


      craig's list is ur friend, best be looking now if you want one this summer. price, lol

    2. FiveSeventyZee


      seen a couple around 1500-3500. yet I've only seen one I thought had a fair price, wanted 800, needed a new clutch. be weary of anything with bad transmissions, they don't interchange with any other datsuns

  13. What other easy to find gas cap also fits a 71 510?

    1. devilsbullet


      just go to autozone. they'll have one

    2. izzo


      ^^ Fucking lies@!!

      Napa, autozone, nor orielly had one for a datsun. Can you believe that? Not even a generic one... Had to goto a gas station to get one.

    3. devilsbullet


      odd. the only cap I cant find over here is for a 68-69 goon.

  14. I think its the infiniti j30 ones are longer that the 510s and if its not the j30 its another infiniti from that era but there about $2 each at autozone, or s13 50mm ebay ones.
  15. Are they the stock brackets with longer/bigger holes? Is it possible to get 0* camber if the 510 is "slammed"?
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