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WTB: 620 Rollbar/Light Bar, 4.11 H190 Diff & Pinion Cor 3" Blocks


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Check this out..........


part # 550-942601K




in 5 days + 99 bones to ship. Kind of expensive i know. Id scour the yards in So cal..ive seen a few over the years.

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If all goes according to plan I am picking up my 620 KC 4x4 this weekend. It has a chrome tube roll bar in the bed with lights on it. I could be easily convinced to part with it and my family lives in Fontana. I could bring it with me the next time I am out and you could pick it up there. When I get the truck home I will get some pics.

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Ok I have the Rollbar. I need to know tonight if you want it. I am driving from Havasu to Beaumont in the morning, and if you want this I could drive the rest of the way to Fontana and drop it off. Then you could pick it up from my parents house. I am leaving by 9 a.m. so I will need to load it into my truck before then. Let me know. Bob 909 519 9799










I am keeping the lights for my 4x4 KC project. As you can see in the pics there is some surface rust where the rear tubes meet the hoop. Also someone welded the rear tubes in. So much for the chrome.


$40 buys it in Fontana. $20 buys it in Havasu.



If anybody on Ratsun has Radim's number have him call me.

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