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521 vg30e swap


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Hi im new to the forum been reading up on puting a vg30e in a 521 and havent been able to find anyone who has done it. If i missed it somewhere sorry i thought i scoured the forum. But anyways i have just bought a 72 datsun 521 and i have a 84 nissan 300zx with vg30e in it the rust demons have ate the car but the truck is in decent shape (sry no pics yet i havent pulled it out of the snow) pics will be coming soon. So now to the meat of my question, has anyone done this swap and what am i going to be running into for problems here? Any parts i should be looking for? Any help would be great i know its kind of a broad question but thanks for any replys.

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A few guys make "kits" for the 510, but i think you will need to do some fabricating for a 521. most likely some mods to the oil pan or front cross member. the 510 requires a shorter intake to clear the hood. i would assume that many of the issues you would run into with a 510 would be similar with a 521, as the engine bays are similar sized. EFI wiring should be no problem if you follow Icehouse's diagrams or use his kit.

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Yes, i have startted this conversion. The motor and trans fits reasonably well in the 620. I have no idea how it will fit the body of the 521 though. I had to custom build the oil pan to clear the crossmember and steering. Went through 6 or 7 starters before i found one the one i settled on, does not run yet so we will see how it works out. Alternator clearance to the idler arm is a major problem too.


There is a link to my build in my signature.

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