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Questions around Megasquirt


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So, i'm happy to say I'm getting my hands on a 411 wagon. Has not motor in it but I've located a J15 for it.


As a project I'd like to put quad ITB's on it, make a custom inlet manifold and build a megasquirt ecu for it.


My questions;


1. If you are buying a megasquirt NOT assembled, do you have to solder all resistors and capacitors yourself? Do they provide detailed instructions etc?


2. The reason for megasquirt is so I actually learn something along the way, so can anyone see any problems with doing this? (Noting I have experience in soldering circuit boards and a basic understanding of electronics).


3. Any recommendations on kits? I have read through the website, but wanted to hear what everyone else is running?


I'll probably make a trigger off the crank and run a sensor for timing. Time isn't an issue as I can run a carby while I build all this stuff, just keen on doing something challenging.


Appreciate all the feedback.

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Actually one of your reason's is exactly why I choose MS. If there is no challenge I get really board! Getting stuck is usually the best part! I got a little frustrated on my project, but that's because I've got countless hours in the Gobstopper car and I just wanted it to be a beater daily driver. haha It is a tough system since it's open sorse which means it can do anything it's just tough to find the documentation. I used this how to write-up to do mine and Dave's car. I also spent hours and hours reading the Mega Manual and posted a few things on there forum, O I also emailed the dudes at DIY Auto Tune. I bought another one to tinker with, it's not assembled so I will know in the next couple weeks how hard it is to assemble. MS or any standalone can add up. 247 for the MS 65 for the stimulator 65 for the wiring harness (which I think is totally worth it) 300 for a xd-16 So basically the education is not cheap. If you went for a ride in any car with it you would be sold! Just remember "We only get so much time, what do you want to invest it in" Datsun's seems to be my choice of time wasting :)

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