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Best set up for 521


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Stock, stock stock... I am thinking of getting one of beebanis brackets and getting the front disc set up. I also think I am going to get a master cylinder/booster off an early 620 to use. I don't know if I need a proportioning valve though. Probably keep the rear stock drums.

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I have a 68 521 that use to have a 1300, when I put the v6 (vg30) & automatic in rear wheel first lock up became a problem. I replaced the rear wheel cyclinders with 11/16 bores and added a after market proportioning valve set for max drop. That helped but still rear first. I installed the disc, caliper, hoses of a 92 pathfinder on the front (the honda hat wouldn't work with my 14" usmags). I put a 96 pathfinder master cylinder with a 87 sentra booster. This worked out very well (about 3/4" pedal travel, force about what most new cars have) with the fronts finally locking up first. I think this is really due to the proportioning valve in the master cyllinder (after market one was removed) and the quick drop off x.4. I was a little concerned about the extra weight hung out on the king pins, put so far (they're very tight now what happens as they wear) nothing (shimmy, shake etc). I could have stopped there, but due to lazziness (adjusting, checking, replacing). I went ahead and replaced the rears with 88 izuzu tropper disc, caliper, hoses, ebrake. Adding the rear discs didn't seem to change anything much (maybe a little less pedal travel) the fronts still lock up first which is why I started down the path.

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These are the part numbers I am using on the my 1970 PL-521. The brakes are basically stock. I did have the drums turned, the drums are still below .040 oversized. I am putting the smaller drums on the front, the front and rear drums on the truck are the same. When I say smaller, the front drums are still 10 inch, but they required less machining to clean up.

My rear brakes had one wheel cylinder that was actually 13/16 inch bore, although the cylinder was marked as 3/4. That is why I bought a rebuild kit, and then wheel cylinders.

I pick up front wheel cylinders today, and a new master cylinder. I will post those part numbers when I get them.

Sorry, these are not Nissan numbers. These are from Raybestos.

Front brake shoes 405 PG

Rear brake shoes 406 PG

Rear wheel cylinder rebuild kit, 3/4 inch WK 812

Rear wheel cylinder WC 37208

Front Brake rubber hoses BH 36737

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I have a 68 521 that use to have a 1300, when I put the v6 (vg30) & automatic in QUOTE]


Wow, wow, wow, forget about the brakes now. We need details and pictures of the VG swap. I have been eyeing this swap for a while now. Please start us a new thread about the VG swap so this hijack can be returned to the brake issues.



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In my humble reply. I really hate to put all those bastard parts on my datsun. Point simply made, I would try to stick with the most simple setup possible, with Datsun/Nissan or aftermarket parts. 10 years from now someone who has the vehicle will go "What The Hell" after you've put that mass of crap onto your datsun to make it stop better. Just keep a good record, what ever you put into it. I know I will probebly piss people off saying this but I dont care......ooh ya I do have a 521 and It is stock as of now.

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