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Japanese Car & Motorcycle Day - Larz Anderson Museum, Brookline MA, 8/15/10

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The Japanese Car and Motorcycle Day is coming up at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA. Sunday 8/15 from 10 AM to 2 PM.




Info here


I'm definitely going, hopefully in my 710...it still needs some tinkering to get it highway safe, so not 100%.


Anyone else going?

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Any one going this year?

October 15th 10-2....

Would love to see some ratsuns at the event, sadly mine won't be finished... I thought about trailering it half done.. it runs and drives just needs everything else... they probably won't like that....

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It would be cool if they had a "Work in Progress" type category that you could enter.  The Multi State Datsun Classic has an attitiude of If it is a Datsun, bring it.

Several times we have pushed cars into the line for the show. 


Just my $.02.

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Maybe I'll look into and see.... i just bought the paint i need to respray my cab today... other than that the only thing I would really have to do is reinstall the gas tank and seats and I can drive it around... humm now you got me thinking...

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The first 5 years I took my primered 1200 coupe that just looked like hell, 1 year I got beat by a Roadster that had been in a barn fire.

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Well there is no work in progress category at this show but they said even in its current state to bring it if I wanted to.... so I guess if the respray goes well this weekend I might be going to my first car show....

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