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tension rod update


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after replacing tension rod bushings the car pulled left and wandered all over the road,when i did the bushings i also rotated the tires,thats when all this started,took it to an alignment shop,they tell me alignment is pretty close and that my tires are shit,the tires on the front were nankang ex 601 directional 205 60 13 ,they switched the two fronts so they rotate opposite what they should and now it pulls right,so now these tires are on the rear and the fronts are the nankang toursport 611,which rotate any direction,it drives as it did before i worked on it,much better,these tires have about 500 miles on them and alignment shop says get rid of them,find a non directional tire only.just passing this along ,has anybody had issues with nankang tires,two of the four have over four ounces of balancing weights on them,these are 13 inch tires on 13 by seven wide libras?

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Sorry about the bad grammar,i was in a hurry.I only replaced TC bushings,alignment guy says tires are causing the problem.Tires have been rotated and it drives better,the front end,ball joints tie rods etc. are in ok condition but i will be replacing all that stuff anyway with that kit from energy suspension

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