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Need a new clutch


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Hey people, I pulled the gearbox last time because I have a horrible metal chirp sound when I go in reverse. The gearbox is fine and is not the brass bushing that I thought, I thing one metal part of the pressure plate broke and is somewhere around inside. So I have to get a new clutch but I have a better one, one that holds better without going to a bronze one.


Ive read sometime that hainz recommended the roadster one, but I have to find it here locally. The question is, how do I find it? or from what type of car I can get one that fits? the roadster never touched this land ever!


I fonud one on ebay


ebay link


Thanks once again!

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The e-bay one does not specify that it is indeed the 650Kg clamping force Roadster clutch that is so famous.


There are several clutches that come on, or fit the Roadster. You want the optional Roadster clutch pressure plate Nissan # 30210 20111. Any 200mm clutch disc will do for this.

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well yes, I didnt make myself clear, I have to buy the pressure plate too.....so it will be both, clutch disk and pressure plate(mine is btoken but still working).

Or any other one that is better than the stock....sometimes I feel that this one cant hold is very good.


Ill try to find that part number thanks Mike!

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