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my 521


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Here are some pictures of my most recent project. I decided to try recovering my dash pad, and ended up getting a lot more done. I filled the cracks and missing chunks from my dash pad using a technique that I saw posted on ratsun. The dash is painted black. I had left over paint so I did my floors and now I'm ready for carpet. I got a shift boot from Rod's and sealed the floor plate with a generic rubber seal. Got a new windshield seal installed. I have the new felt channeling ready to go in but I'm waiting to get the inner and outer squeegees or a substitute.

A bit about my truck. The kid I bought it from used jb weld to hold the thermostat housing cover on, so you have an idea what other gremlins I'm finding. I put a matchbox dizzy in from a 79, front disk brakes off a 86 along with Beebani's excellent UCAs, 240z mater cylinder, 2 in blocks in the rear with torsion dialed down until I can afford drop spindles, and my favorite mod a Fiero radiator. Dogleg goes in this summer after it's rebuilt.

In transit is a non smog intake and exhaust manifold from just_joel. That will go on next week and hopefully help kill that backfire I have... thanks for everyone's help so far. I very much appreciate it.









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Those floors look really solid man! Nice project you have going here!


Thanks. I had to grind the hell out of them to get the rust out. Banged on them with my heavy hammer thinking they might be too thin but I was pleasantly suprised they were still solid. Two coats of primer and paint to be on the safe side. Now if I could only figure out the window squeegees in the doors..

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The intake and exhaust manifolds are on with the unneeded junk plugged off. The intake manifold cleaned up nice. New PCV hose on, just waiting to pick up a Weber this week and the engine should be done for now.




I installed felt channeling in both doors and did the window squeegees. The inner squeegees are from a 87 Mazda B2200. I used the old metal clips attached to the Mazda squeegees.

I used a 4runner rear squeegee for the outer but I'm not happy with how they turned out, way too tight. I'm probably going to go with the nos stuff off ebay. Any ideas for the outer squeegees???



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Update on progress.


04 civic seats. A little stiff but supportive and for 80 bucks they were less than half the cost of recovering the bench seat.





I kept the stock 14s and with 1/4 spacers there is plenty room to clear the brake calipers. I have 7/16 of thread on the wheel studs.



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