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VG30 Donor Questions


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I am gradually (as in years long) gathering pieces for my 510 project. Mainly I am getting pieces when I can for reasonable. When done I want a reliable, EFI rig for 3-season driving.


A coworker has offered me a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder that quit running, they really don't know why. It has higher miles and is definately a VG30 with an auto.


What parts are good on that rig for the swap? Also, do they use a divorced transfercase? The rig has an auto and I may run that too if it has the slip yoke rear output.


Mainly, I want to know if it is worth buying or if I should pass. It will take alot of work, but I tend to collect pieces on the cheap and sell what I don't need.


Thank you, ROB

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If the engine is in good shape, which you have no idea of right now, the only things you'd be using is the motor and efi system. If it was me, I'd try to get the pathfinder running, find out what's wrong, even before starting to remove anything. It's 1000 times easier to diagnose the problem while it's still in it's original configuration. No sens in pulling the engine if it's toast.

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Sorry the tranny and trans case is integral and is huge.




Better would be one from a 2wd D21 Hardbody, 200sx, or 240sx. The 300zx came with several different drive shaft splines so if you find a non turbo 300zx tranny be sure to check this otherwise the others should fit at least up into the mid '90s.


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OK. That is what I needed to know. From my 4x4 stuff I know that there his very little value and use for most of the Nissan stuff (no offense to you if you like it!) So I would end up with a non-running 268K Pathfinder missing a fender in my yard.


I am thinking I will stay with plan A and get the KA and go that way. I've driven one of those and I liked it for what it was.


Thank you for your help.



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I knew a guy once, he had the same problem as you....a 1990 pathfinder 4x4 in his yard missing the front grill and bumper...his problem became mine in a quick minute for free! (even made arangements to have the shell towed from his yard to the scrap yard wit that huge lumpy tranny hangin in the truck still :)




The found a 89 300zx 5 speed for 60 bucks

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