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Sirius Radio Install

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I installed a digital AM/FM stereo from Z-Store into my 510---drops right in the dash where the original radio was--- and the wired up Sirius Radio (the digital steres has an input jack for this. Probelm is, the AM/FM stereo sound clear, but I'm hearing the engine come through when listening to Sirius. As rpm's increase so does the feedback. Should I do something specific with the hot wire to the Sirius radio? Right now I have it plugged into the cig lighter.

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Sounds [no pun intended] like you are using solid copper spark plug wire set. Resistive wires are designed to reduce ignition noise in installed audio / radio equipment among other things. The frequencies used in the Sirius satellite link should be quite sensitive to ignition noise from an uncorrected wire set. Good luck!

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