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does anyody know this guy? qmrp2567

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Does any one know this guy qmrp2567 he says he lives in cali. I sent him money on 12-14-09 for an under dash a/c unit. He cashed the check and said he sent it on the "bus", trailways. After a few days I called him and he says it was still at the bus station because he did not wrap it good enough. You think they would not take something not wrapped good, or not call him back to wrap it correctly. Then he emails me and calls me saying he sent it on the 29th, still no a/c. I e-mailed him yesterday 12-6-09 with no reply, then called today. A female answered the phone and said my area code and hung up on me. I think I have been scammed. Any info on this guy would be appreciated.


James Barclay


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There needs to be a Ratsun Hit-Squad that rolls around and breaks knees for crimes like this. So much dishonor in the world today.. :angry:


Then again, it's pretty hard for me to send straight up cash to somebody I don't know. :no: Been burned too many times.. Karma's got a way of comin' back and returnin', though. You may be out some money, but he'll get his later on down the road. Not saying that it's ok to set yourself up to get ripped off; we must be cautious. I'm just saying, I've been torched by people in the past, not-so-later on to find out they were losing their job/vehicles/house. Keep it clean, man.

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Hope you didn't send actual money.

* If you used a credit card (even via Paypal), write to them now and dispute the charge.

* If you used Paypal, write (don't call) and dispute the charge


Even so, let's hope the guy has good intentions, he may just be having a rough time right now and hopefully will follow through soon.

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