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unknown posi? rearend casting numbers

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I have an (been told) datsun truck posi rearend , has casting numbers 38311,2110,213 and 71-3-T29 213, can any one help with application?

Also have 510 parts car , no front clip, anyone need any parts?


Perhaps a picture of it would help. The first truck posi wasn't offered until '86 on the D-21, and that was on the H-233. The only other H-190 posi was the Roadster. 38311 appears to be a differential, I'll have to look further.

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The meaning of most of these numbers is undocumented.


38311 is Nissan Part Number for "gear carrier".

213 is the applied model code for Datsun 510U



What are the stamped numbers on the edge of the ring gear?


Are you seeing these numbers on the differential itself, or on the axle housing? What do you have this differential in? A 510 wagon?

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Not sure, but I think it is a clutch-type LSD.

Any 510 rear-end freaks here?



It is a Fuji Heavy Industries R160, which came in Datsun 510s as stock equipment. But the gear ratio and LSD are not stock.


It's definitely not a posi (which is a Chevrolet trademark).

It is LSD, but clutch-type LSD or viscous-type LSD?

* Clutch-pack LSD is a performance advantage over Viscous-coupling LSDs

* Viscous-coupling LSDs are good for all-wheel drive, but not as good as clutch-pack for RWD applications.


4.625 gear ratio, good for drag racing.

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The carrier is 510 ggzilla is right. I didn't notice the extra 2 bolt holes it has. Far as I know the 510 r160 is the only one to have that.


I still say its vlsd though. Without more/better pics we're just guessing but at 4.625 I feel it's a safe bet its not clutch.

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