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Minibike build

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I got an old minibike frame for my stepson and thought it would be a good little project for him to help on. He's 10 so I think it's time for him to get his hands dirty. He helped me alittle on my 620 project and he gets excited when I have him come and help me in the garage. So we went and got some new rims and tires for her. I made a new seat for it, pictured below. I ordered some new foot pegs and grips with brake lever off ebay. Probably gonna go with a 5 hp from Harbor freight for around $130.00. Nothing too fast, just something he can beat around on and we can take on our VW camping trips.




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Thanks for the interest fellas. Stepson is coming back to us for the week tonight, so we can get back on it. He stays with his dad every other week, so I don't want to take any fun away from him. We might do alittle something tonight, if we do I'll be sure to get some pics up.


Sounds like fun. I used do stuff like that with my step son. But with BMX bickes we had a blast.

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We got a 6.5 hp engine off a old pressure sprayer. It had some old gas in it, cleaned it out and I can get it to start by pouring gas straight in the carb, but can't keep her running. Trying to get the engine thing figured out before we start sanding and painting. Also the shaft is a 7/8 for the clutch, which is kind of a odd ball. Located one on ebay, but alittle pricey $80. Haven't made my mind up, but probably will go with that Harbor Freight engine.

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