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78 b210 radiator question

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so just got a weber and radiator was next to complete my rebuild and then it will be done but a radiator shop tried rebuilding my stock one and said its a lost cause so i looked around for replacements, came up empty, so i was wondering if there was like a way a 510, or any other datsun radiator would mount up with a little custom fitment i looked around but couldnt find a good general answer, and help is much appreciated to get this datsun back on the streets.

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i put in my old corvette radiator in there to cool my new engine. there's a lot of radiators that will fit if you dont mind doin a little massanging. i was first going to put in a vw sciorroco radiator but i wanted more cooling power.

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My Datsun guru has taken to putting Civic radiator/fan assemblys in Datsun roadsters. They fit right in apparently. Probably has a few things to do, but I would assume the B210 core support is deeper than the 510? Probably more radiator options. 510 is so damn short.

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thanks for all the input i went to pull a part today and got a 1979 toyota celica liftback radiator looks and fit in like a glove but the radiator hosing was on the opposite side and the only way it would fit is if i cut the hose's in piece's and used metal in between to somehow wrap it under and around my fan so i said fuck it ill head back there and look for some others.

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