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has anybody put a z serries dash into a 620. I was just thinking that it could be cool. does anybody know if it would fit? if you know anything about it let me know because i am very quirious about it



its been done in a 510 and IIRC someones working on it in a 620 atm

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just wondering as why you would want to change out the dash in a 620 i think they have awesome dashes really sporty feeling esp. when you have the factory tach like i do

well i dont really have much of a dash and i would be starting from ground zero, and I really like the z gauges and stuuf. im not sure but i was just exploring my options

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Yes, I put an '85 720 dash in my '78. The 720 dash changed around '83 with the 'new' Z24 motor. I liked it better than the earlier square gauges. It is available with clock and tach. It also allows me to get rid of those horrible 620 dash mounted headlight and wiper switches.The headlights are on the turn signal stalk. Also there is a side vent for defrosting the side windows.... very nice! You can see it below on the far left.





The wiper ( variable delay) is on it's own stalk on the right side. Just above the ignition switch in the picture below. Because I swapped in the complete wire harness from a 4X4 all I had to do was install a 4X4 oil pressure sender and plug in the 4X4 console. The Canadian oil pressure gauge is in Kg per sq. cm. Steve G traded me a US PSI one. Must put it in.





BTW, I totally like the 620 dash just hate the crappy wiper and headlight switch positions with all the reaching. I managed to find a crack free one and installed a factory tach, it looked as nice as it could but I wanted better.

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