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my motor mounts broke

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well i had new exhaust made for the truck. i thought they had done a great job untill the truck began to have a rpm vibration. sounded just like the exhuast touching the frame. took it back, i went under with the guy, nothing is touching. he poked around a bit to find the motor mount is seperated. i thought no biggie, ill just get a new set. well not really, lordco my normal parts place, cant get them, backordered at least 6 weeks, and local nissan might be able to get them for 80 a piece!!! ouch. newdatsunparts has them on their site for 75 a set. anyone use them before?? can i just use z car mounts, i got some of those laying around. im going to try phoning napa and some other parts places, but i think i may be stuck with newdatsunparts. any ideas?

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nissan doesnt think they can get them, plus newdatsunparts is half price. i just phoned the guy thinking i could just get them from him, no i have to order online, not over the phone and he wasnt sure about pickup locally. he want to charge 60 bux to ship them just about down the street. and talk about rude on the phone. i can tell you if he wasnt one of the few with the mounts i sure wouldnt use him, just based on his phone manners and customer service skills.

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thats plan "b" ill try z car mounts i have laying around as well. he emailed me back already, says he will have them tommorrow 80 for the set. looks like the 620 will have its forst out of town drive. kinda scary since i just finished it.

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at the most recent meet i was looking at a L series eng mount, and noticed how much it looked like a yota eng mount.


in the 20/22r yota world there is a very cheap easy upgrade for the eng mounts.




its a poly urethane mount for a TH350 tranny


Energy Suspension #3.1108





it bolted right up with just a lil work on oblonging the holes in my truck, bet it would mostly bolt in to a datto, in fact i bet a beer it will. it also features a safety mechinisim where if the poly fails, the eng can only move so far(see pic).


i went through about 5 motor mounts in my wheeler, installed this one on the torque side (drivers on a yota) and have yet to break it or even get cracks after 2 yrs. got a lil extra vibration, but nothing you cant live with. ive heard that both sides done with poly can make your but go to sleep like solid mounts will, but i have yet to put 2 in one car.



its also availible in many colors including chrome.:cool:

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a good place to start if these break. the ones in my truck have steel outsides that prevented it from really moving. same kinda safety deal, just on the outside. my passanger slid down and the drivers (torque side) went up, but holy crap does it ever vibrate. now i have a 40 minute drive either way to pick the new ones up!!

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Carl is a real character Shady, I've had some dealings with him in the past and he's sharp. He started off doing Roadster stuff and is used to a less competent crowd. I think it pains him to have to branch off into "other" Datsuns :blink:! Have you called Southside Nissan? They are the best source for Nissan parts locally, ask for Glen and tell I sent you.

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jason you should meet me at carls!! ill be there tommorrow. ill hopefully be vibrating down the road in the 620 to pick up the mounts. id use nissan if their mounts werent double the price. best bud works here at abby nissan so i get employee pricing. helpfull when you need those uber rare dealer parts at ratsun type prices. his email was very nice back to me tho. i judge people very fast based upon customer service, i have done that and it sucks, but you still have to judge the other side of the phone. being competent really sucks sometimes as ignorance is bliss.

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Morning Shady, no, gotta go to work today so I can't meet up at Carl's place, sorry man. He's out in Poco still I think. Good luck with him. The motor mounts I got from Lordco, I returned though, they where thinner than stock and pretty cheap looking, I'd rather re use my old Nissan stuff if they aren't cracked up. Good thing you have a good hookup with your bud out in Abby, it's a bit of a haul into Vancouver!

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im taking the xterra out there. i figured why risk breaking the trans mount and need to change something else out. yeah i dont gotta work, havent since june. ei is footing the bill til june 2010. lordco cant even get any. figures i always break the parts that take effort to find/replace or fix :)

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we sell anchor motor mounts at oreillys, with my employee discount the run just a little over 6 dollars a piece, yeah thats right 6 dollars!!!!!!!!! go to oreillys and tell them you want some mounts, they shouldnt be 10 to 15 bucks, tell them to run it under a commercial account and you will get a discount, if you have any problems tell them to call braden at store 1298, somerset ky

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