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I Just Bought a 2010 Maxima 4DSC :)

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No - But I buy my filter and change my oil myself - have for years and still do. Just as long as I have the receipt for oil, filter and update my book - they alway cover the warranty so far - I guess I will have to look into it - Thanks

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I willl have to do some research for sure - But sure the maintenance is going to cost me ! I will keep you posted on my progress! But it sure is a blast to drive and play with. But you know when I drive my 510 It will still turn more heads and get more questions asked about it. So will have to keep my oldies but goodies

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The reasoning I was told was that they did all the EPA testing with that oil, so legally they have to say to use it. A 5w30 synthetic is about the same, I have seen people use 10w40 and it makes noise - the clearances are that tight!




It has a Variable Valve Event and Lift system on the motors that are new to these cars and like 2 other Nissan/Infiniti Models. They are technically a Cam-less Intake system. I dont have a copy, but Nissan has a really cool Tech Stream Video on VVEL. Its not the entire reasoning for using different oil, its just the one that I know of for sure. There are a lot of reasons why a manufacture chooses to use a specific oil and designs other aspects to preform with the oil. For longevity I find it easier to stick with the manufactures suggestion.

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They are technically a Cam-less Intake system.


I would argue that technically they aren't. The intake may not use a traditional cam as it's replaced by a eccentric shaft but imho an eccentric shaft is just another way of saying cam shaft.


To me a camless engine or bank, uses a single motor actuating each valve like some domestic diesels and foreign race/concepts use. Once there is any kind of shaft idc how it's driven is spinning actuating multiple valves it's not camless.


Here is a pic of the vq37 we are talking about. That eccentric shaft on the intake side is a cam lol


This is camless to me



I wish camless would hit already, bmw and alfa have had viable motors for years now the thing holding it back is they need to run 24volt systems. We all know we are moving towards 24volt anyway.....


Imagine how great it would be. To be able to tune each valve independently, ridiculously cool.

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