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so i have an l18 with duel webber carbs. im going to leave the manual fuel pump untill i save up for a nice fuel regulator. i have steel braded lines on the carbs so i need to go from the steel braded lines to just a single rubber line. anyone got an idea????? asap haha

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use the SBlines when you can split from the regulator.


SB look nice! but just use the stock line from the pump and T off to the carbs.

you could use the cheap 'hide the steel clamp' fittings too.


I still use the stock pump with dual mikuni's. I would get the holley regulator that can regulate 1-5 psi or something like that and a liquid filled guage and fittings not very expensive at all and it works. I used fuel injection hose from the pump to the regulator and then from regulator to the carbs. Very simple and clean and works. I can email pics if you want or you can see some on my flickr site benzo510 or myspace under garagelife

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A quick and dirty way is to just get a 5/16 or 1/4 diameter 2 " long piece of copper pipe, and hose clamp the rubber hose, and steel braid lines to it.

Obviously, make sure there are no leaks.

If the stock fuel pump can run the new carbs ok, why change it?

I think the stock fuel pump has a female tapered pipe thread fitting on it. get the correct adapter, and you can run the stainless braid line from the pump to the carbs.

I believe the pipe fittings used on the 1971 Datsun engines are actually British pipe fittings. The thread count on then is a little different than American pipe fittings.

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yea the stock fuel pump that runs off the motor is just a slip on rubber fitting the carbs have i think 3/8s fittings. i wanted to do a fuel pump and regulator. whats the best fuel regulator to use for duel carbs?? do the lines going to the carbs have to be the same lenght??

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like I had posted if you use the stock pump use the holley regulator you can get at summit. it works good. get a good liquid filled guage also. I used 1/4" fuel line and kept it all the same size. the only difference a electric fuel pump would make would make the car maybe start faster when the car has been sitting a while.

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