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Although I've been a member since May and posted a few times, I don't feel like I have made a proper introduction. My love of Datsun cars (well...car mostly ;p) began with a 1980 200SX that my sister-in-law gave me since she was gonna scrap it and I told her i would take it. Needless to say there has been very little in the way of finding parts for this vehicle as most people only want the newer versions (S13,S14) and found this site through some advice a teacher gave me, see what he 510 community does. I know this isn't strictly 510 here, but it seems that a lot of people's interests in Datsun begin with 510 and end with Z cars. This was one of the few sites that I can find good information for modifications of all types of Datsuns that will invariably lead to a better understanding of what can and cannot be achieved (at least not without a ton of money). So...thanks everyone for the contribution to the community and I hope someday to inspire the love of datsun vehicles to others as you all have for me. :D

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welcome, the 1980 200SX is the Datsun model S110 (Silvia family).


You can buy all the repair parts from Nissan or NAPA.


Body parts you cannot buy new, just like most old cars. Look every week on eBay for 1980-1983 200SX, the body parts are the same for these four years.

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