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More RAV4 help please

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Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I need your advice again with my mom's '98 Toyota RAV4.


We went to leave last night and it wouldn't start. I assumed dead battery and jumped it from my 720 (which is 12 years older but runs 10 times better haha). Long story short, the jump got us started and we made it out to her friend's house (Maybe 25 miles) but when we went to leave four hours later it was dead again. I thought ahead and brought the jump leads with me and we got it started again but it didn't even make it 100 metres before it died again. This time we couldn't get it started.


I assumed that the battery must be just totally dead and my mom replaced it with a new one, but there is still no power. Nothing works at all( She says that none of the lights in the dash work, and that you can't hear the fuel pump or anything with the key in the ignition). I haven't looked at it since then (it's still at my mom's friend's house). They tell me that they checked fuses, and that everything is connected properly. I haven't confirmed any of that, but lets assume that my mom did install the battery properly and the fuses are good.


What should I be looking for? What do you think the problem might be?


Any advice is appreciated.


Thanks for the help.

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Just got off the phone with my mom's friend, fuses are definitely good, and the battery is installed properly and all that simple stuff. Also, in response to your question Datzenmike, everything is stock as far as lights/radio/etc, and nothing was left on or anything.


Some additional information:


While we were driving out last night, we turned on the brights as we got off the highway and onto some back roads, and at that moment everything, engine, electrical, the entire car shut off for a second as we were driving, but it started back up. And then it was when my mom turned on the brights as she pulled out of the driveway to leave that it died for the second time and wouldn't start again. Could that be of some significance? would a short in that system affect the entire car?

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