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Room(s) for rent in Sacramento!!

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Time has come, move-in is this month. I have a key, so I'm able to take people on a walk-through while the finishing touches are being put in. Rent is $450/month for rent, utilities, cable, etc. All new kitchen, floors, carpets, windows, paint, bathrooms, showers, etc. On my request, the garage was also done up with lighting and extra outlets for tools, compressors, etc.


I don't have any pictures, but again, I can walk people through it starting this month and we can hammer out the details. It's close to Sac State, it's a quiet neighborhood and it's the biggest lot on the street with a huge back yard (that we MIGHT re-gate to allow vehicles into the side yard if there's a project... To be decided!!).


Please PM, email, post, call or text for more information or to set up a time to come see the place and review details.


Sean Blottie



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So I showed the house to a girl today who's very interested in moving in. I won't count my chickens just yet, but it sounds like I have 2 rooms left to rent out.


I did take pictures this time, too, maybe it'll spark some new interest?


Kitchen: New floors, new lighting, new counter, new cabinets, new dish washer, new sink, used oven, but new to house, etc, etc, etc






Entry/Living room: New carpet, new paint



Hallway: New carpet, new paint



Bedrooms: New carpet, new paint, new doors and soon new windows





Main bathroom: New counter, new sink, new mirror/medicine cabinet, new paint, new shower head (used to just be bath) soon to have new shower curtain, new toilet




And last, but most importantly, the Garage: TEN NEW OUTLETS, 2 new fluorescent light fixtures hung, with 2 outlets free for more. He really went out of his way to set me up on this one, it was a total surprise. Merry XMAS!




Again, move in will be January 1st, cost is $450 a month, which includes rent and ALL UTILITIES, no hidden costs. Pets are being considered. Garage is yet to be divided for use, bedrooms are on a first-come, first-served basis, but all are equal in size and layout, pretty much. Move in cost will be first and last month's rent, so $900 on move-in, following a walk-through and inspection for the sublet agreement we'll go through.


Let me know what you guys think!


Sean Blottie



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yeah but i may be forced to move to oregan to work on my grandmas property :( have to see what happens with my uncle but if i ont have to i gonna start job hunting in sac as well as vacaville :P


speaking of know anywhere thats hiring ?

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For the month of January, I'm lowering rent to $350 with a $450 deposit. Starting February, rent goes back to $450. This is because I will be out of town from the 7th to the 12th and you will be missing out on that week to move in.


Again, for the month of January, move-in cost will be $800 TOTAL, and then $450/month following.


I've already started moving things in, and will likely be living there in the next week or so, which will make it easier to show the house, obviously. The house isn't furnished, if you could tell from the pictures, but I will be collecting things after I'm moved in. If you don't have a bed, there is a clean twin sized (maybe a long twin, not sure) in the garage with a box frame and spring mattress that you are MORE than welcome to use until you can get another one (or just live with that one).


Bedroom #1: 14' x 9'

Bedroom #2: 9.5' x 11'

Bedroom #3: 11.5' x 11'


Obviously, bedroom #3 is the largest, and it's also the furthest from the kitchen and living room (right across from the master), and right next to the main bathroom. Room #1 is slightly smaller, and is closest to the living areas. Bedroom #2 is the smallest, but is still a decent size and is more secluded from the living areas and bathroom, and also looks out into the back yard.


Again, spread the word and let me know if you have any other questions on anything!


Sean Blottie



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Alright, I'm currently LIVING here, just got internet hooked up this morning (high speed Comcast) and will have a wireless setup next month.


I only have TWO rooms left.


Price is $400/month UTILITIES INCLUDED. I need a $400 deposit on move-in, too, refundable when you leave and there are no major damages.


Again, it's right near Watt and Kiefer, so it's very close to Sac State... maybe a 10 minute drive or less?


Hit me up!

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