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Bubble flares on a 4 door?


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I've seen guys cut the flare and attach half to the body, and half to the rear door. Actually looks pretty nice if you do it right. I'm seriously considering doing it with mine.. depends on the wheels/tires I run, and how low I go. Flares on cars with the wrong wheels and/or stance look like butt.

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Very interesting.. I wouldn't do it that way, but that's creative. I'd be afraid of too much stuff flying up and attacking my door. You can see how it's beating the inside of his door/wheelwell up. I'm sure moisture migrates in there pretty badly too.. Looks good though!

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I've had dreams of flaring my wagon also. Just so much work to do it right and keep it functional. I still ponder the thought of wider wheels xlarge rubber, but only if it looks like this and keeps the back door/seats functional.2545085502_b30d2eec98.jpg


These are the only flares the would justify the molestation of the goon. lol

Notice how the flares are above the bodyline...mmmmmmm. Downfall is you gotta chop alot out prolly lose practical function of the rear doors/seats. I want it so bad though. arghh

Another cool example on a hako.


mmmmmm. bubbles

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honestly i dont really care about keeping the back doors/seats functional. the only thing i use it for is i throw my backpack back there, but i could put it in the passengers side or truck just as easily. there have been thoughts of welding the back doors, but if i did that i would want to get a permanent lexan window for the rears rather then retain the rolldown.

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