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Newport, Ky Car Show. Aug. 23rd


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updated flyer


The Scroungers Car Club Presents

Newport Car Show & Swap Meet


Sunday Aug. 23rd 2009


Noon ~ 5 p.m.

Gate is @ 10th & Monmouth

Registration 10 bucks. price lowered from last year!

Dash Plaques to the first 50

LOTS of trophies

50 bucks for the long haul award.

Misting tent and free bottled water in case it's hot.

Swap meet for your hot rod needs and store fronts will be having a sidewalk sale

Newport has worked hard to rehab this old part of town

It is a great backdrop for a car show

All the mom & pop stores will be open

Any kind of food you can think of

Watering holes will also be open for a cold one

DJ and live feed on WGRR


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We are taking from 10th and Monmouth all the way down and all the side streets from Saratoga to York. Pretty big show. Plus we have all the parking lots.

Last year we had a problem with visiters parking. There was none. I got Thriftways old parking lot, National Band & Tag and the parking lot on 10th and Saratoga for visitor parking and it's free to park. So if you want to show your ride, stop in. If you want to look then there is free parking on York & Saratoga St.

I keep hearing things like " I'm coming but I'm not entering. My car has a scratch in the paint.'' BIG WHOOP! The Scroungers CC is a builders club. 40 % of our cars have primer and there are only a few that I would consider show cars. All our stuff is driven. This is not a stuck up rich boy show. Bring your car, hang out and have fun. Registration is only 10 bucks. If you don't want to register then take the 10 buck and go eat at one of the many, mom and pop burger joints or whatever. If you don't register then we don't judge your car for trophies. You don't have to register. What we are looking for is numbers. The more the better. Come out and have some fun. I'll bet you will be back next year after you do it once.

One rule. NO TRAILER QUEENS. Your car must be driven in. If you have your trailer queen coming you better take it off a few blocks before the gate because we won't let you in. This is for guys and gals that drive their cars. No matter what it is.

The Newport Police Dept. is behind this show 100% so open header and less than street legal cars will get a blind eye on the day of the show. Now I'm not saying to do a huge burnout down the street because they will stop you, but as long as you don't do anything too stupid they will give you a pass...

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Here is a picture from last years show. The city dumped this on us with hardly any time to put it on. We only had a little over a month last year to put the show together. We have been working hard this year and it should be a big one! This pic is only a couple of blocks and most of the show was to my back. There was alot of people. We are using Monmoth St. again this year plus 2 blocks on the east and west side of Monmouth all the way down. We are have space left for the swap meet area. 20 bucks a pop. You will have to call to reserve a space. 859 261 2592


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I think we had a great show and it seems that the city is very happy with the turnout. We filled the streets and ran out of room. Down the main street, Monmouth and two block on both sides. 18 blocks totle. We had them stuff into every hole we could find. We ran out of room early! The gates were blocked off at 2:30 so if they didn't get there before that you were out of luck. Next year we have to have more room or we can't do it. It was nuts. It was a great turnout and the weather was perfect! Thanks again if you came and if you didn't, mark it on next years list of car shows. You will like it!

There were 1 or 2 people that showed up. LOL 18 blocks of this!





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