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No Spark to no. 3 cylinder


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So on the way to work today the truck started to run rough and was quite sluggish, and it was apparent that a cylinder was cutting out. On the way home I picked up a new set of plugs and plug wires just in case (the old ones were kind of nasty), and after I threw them on, no change. So I tested for spark and sure enough no. 3 wasn't getting any, though the other cylinders were. I've checked all my connections and they're good, and the next step is to get a new cap and rotor. Ignition is not exactly my area of expertise, so I'm wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at before convincing myself that a cap and rotor will solve my problems.


Thanks for any help,


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swap the wire from #2 and move it to #3 since they be close to the same length. . menaing just use the wire dont change the wire order.


did you see that there was no spark to the plug.?????

Cjange plug otherwise maybe a lashpad fell off the Rocker Arm and its not exploding inside(firing off).


Buy NGK wire set #NE64 and youll never have bad plug wires again

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Got a new rotor and cap and she fired right up! best the 620's run since i bought it. Its been a long battle, one thing after another kept failing on this truck, but it finally runs without flaw. Now I can get some HB front brakes and Isuzu rears. :D

This forum and everyone on it have been an invaluable resource, thanks!

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