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521 update


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So, I have not done a project thread for my 521. I redid motor and clutch before I joined Ratsun. However, all Datsuns are works in progrerss right? I thought I would do an update thread, throw a few pics up of the things I have done to her recently. So lets get to the pics and stuff...



Here is my baby


Few days ago I rebuilt oil pump


New impeller would not fit into old housing. Old parts were pretty worn out. Got good oil psi now:)


New air cleaner for stock carb. I would like to get a Weber one of these days but this one only has about 3500 miles on it so I might as well use it. L16 runs great...for an L16


I need to get a little filter for my breather hose though


My blue dash lights...:D Kinda crappy pic. I need to post some night time ones of the whole interior, except it don't get dark till 10pm.


I replaced the old floor jack shifter....


with this



My awesome wife picked up these floor mats for me for Fathers Day:)


night photo with under dash accent lights:cool:



So there it is, my most recent additions to my truck. I am seriously considering lowering it about 2 inches in the back. I am also looking to get a new muffler on it as this one is an old glass pack thats about 25 years old. My dreams for it include a longer geared diff and body work and new paint job. We'll see. She is my daily driver and gets taken on the freeway often, running at 60mph at 4000rpm's. IMy kids love my truck as much as I do so I want to keep it around for them as long as possible.

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Sweet 521 & nice pix. My favortie Datsun color other than green too:D Oh i say lower it 5 inches ;)


Ya I knew someone would come back with something like that!! Thats cool though. I personally would not lower a truck very much, just not my thing. However, I do have respect for and I do enjoy looking at slammed trucks. Especially DATSUNS!!!:D

Thanx for the kind words:D

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