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i cant seem to find any info on the Z22E...ive had it sitting for a while now and i still dont know where to start with it...i dont know the wiring or anything...ive googled and not alot of swap info come out just ppl who already have it or parts or frankenstien build..:confused::(

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well first i wanna make shure its good i dont wanna just put it in my 510 hopping it runs...i might need wiring help and maybe some swap tips from the ratsun..haha..dont know alot about this engine...read and heard that it drops right in..so sounds simple and its an upgrade over the l series ohh and well its efi..pix ill take some tomorrow after all this time i still have not photographed it..haha

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Only the L series motors 'drop in'. A Z20/22E with EFI won't 'drop in'. At the least you will need a Z series transmission so the engine sits upright in the engine bay. That's the big thing. You will also need a high pressure in-line fuel pump for the EFI system and some creative placement of the air flow meter, air pipes to the intake and the EFI wiring harness and ECU.


Here's some home work reading on 200sx EFI wiring:







You should know if this motor works when you buy it, other wise why bother? If you know that it runs, then it will run in a 510 with some work.

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