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Datsun 910SSS saved from oval racing in UK

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OK, so this thread appeared May 2008 in the spotted for sale section of Oval/Banger racing site in UK.

I Quickly joined the banger site, contacted seller and struck a deal to save the beast.

I had the very same car and colour in 1983/4 but it came to its demise via a very large wall in the rain early one Sunday morning, say no more, so i was more than pleased to save her.

I spoke to seller, Peter, a few times asking for additional info etc and he always obliged.

The deal was I would be in Newbury Wednesday and Thursday last week and he would deliver the SSS to me there.

I was in a real state as I wanted to drive it home but it had no tax or mot but had only expired in march 08

As the story unfolded turns out car is a one owner with 63K has every Mot and tax disc to substantiate mileage.

Peter tells me that he would be happy to drive it to Scotland, 450miles away and back.

We spoke on Tuesday and he was working in a local garage that just happens to be an MOT place so we book it in for Wednesday at 9.20am.

Got a call at 10AM and it only bl....dy passed.....a new ticket!!

Car was then duly delivered to Newbury and the only extra was for MOT but we did cover the petrol as well.

Wednesday evening was all about cleaning the interior and a general check over, still no drive yet, as I would be driving home after work on Thursday.

Well left Newbury at 15.50pm and stopped at services for fuel outside Oxford, yes it had qtr tank in it, reduced the tyre pressures from 33 to 26, checked oil and water and went on my way.

Initial impressions was it was a true datto L18, fab, was very tight, drove sweet but seamed quite restrained.




450 miles at 75/80 MPH and 33 MPG later it was starting to unclog.

The SSS was owned by a 70+ year old woman who just retired from driving and spent its life trundling around the gatwick area for years.....what a shock then when she got opened up and did OK on last lap of motorway before arriving in Stirling at 10.15 with a coffee stop.

OK so from the door forward it is very good....has had sills repaired badly and arches are not great.

The parts hunt is on but it needs 2 x rear wings, lower rear valence and sills removed and replaced as minimum and Martin, 30PSI is helping, but I do want it repaired within next 2 months.






Friday night removed a coil from each corner and fitted my Watanabe's but it hardly dropped at all, max 20/25mm so will have to rethink but plan is to cut rot, replace with new parts and a lower half touch in and mop as I want to keep paint as original as possible.

It will be lowered and I am investigating a bolt on arch kit.

This is how it is looking at present with more to follow soon






After the body work we will look at interior fix as drivers seat has tear in bolster but all seats are very very faded but in good nick so may have to be creative but original.



'74 610SSS

'81 910SSS



Well its been away for a year but finally collected the 910SSS last weekend, June 09.

There is still a little paintwork to be done as there has been some fading and paint match issues,

Had to paint the whole car but it s solid with new inner and outer rear arches and repaired sill and back panel.....still looking for a replacement rear lower panel?

As usual car started on the button so checked water and oil, Ok and set off the 30 miles to home.

After travelling 6/7 miles I noticed that the temp gauge was riding a little high and then a small jst of water started out from behind the dash.

As i was on the motorway I travelled another few miles, gauge had not moved, till I found some services and pulled over to find water/muck dribbling out of radiator overflow so presume head gasket has gone due to sitting idle too long etc etc.

I had just leftAntdat so called and he came to services to help.

We rerouted the cooling away from heater to stop leak inside and flushed the radiator, Asda was nearby svs for water, started up and drove home the 20 miles with no real issues.

After investigation it looks like head gasket is gone between 2&3 cylinders and the engine to heater core pipes need replaced, no big deal.

I really wanted this ready for Harewood but will now be taking a little longer to complete but thought I would post some pics to show before and after.










I have also made adjustables for front and re trimmed rears till i decide on to go but the stance is almost there.....just a little lower on front should do it.








Then fitted new grill.......what to you think?






Now all we have to do is have seats partial retrimmed in leather, refit Heater & Dash, Skim & refit Head, clean and refit Interior, finalise suspension, new rear box, look at front spolier options(difficult), Mot and Tax and we are on the road


Finished pics for now.......comments/recomedations pls?





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