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i know your all going to hate me

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but yet again..more free-bee's :rockon:


83 bronco:

3" body lift

full long-tube header back 3" high flow cat and flowmaster 40 series

holly valve covers with "T" handles

edelbrock performer manifold

Carbon-kevlar 1" carb riser

holly 600 carb

MSD 6A with MSD high vibration coil

summit air cleaner

motor is a 302 appear' has a radical cam in it and some work done.







87 bronco:



broken drive shaft

fuel injected 351W

recently rebuilt trans






The plan is to throw the nose/suspension/bodylift/backbumper/spare tire rack/interior/header back exhaust/rims from the 83 on the 87 and beef her up a bit and turn it into a tow rig/toy and throw the motor/trans/transfercase/MSD and some other goodies from the 83 into my toyota and make a badass V8 toyota 4X4:rockon::beerchug:



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Bitting lip ............. FORDS SUCK


You couldn't pay me to own one




There I said it


Good Luck


Glad your happy though ..... Have fun:)


You can throw all the if you don't have anything good to say crap anytime


It's ok I just woke up ...... ohhhh hummm:fu:

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nope, three diff rigs from three diff people... i just know how to talk the talk.. :cool:


went to a friends house and looked at fixing her mustang, noticed the black bronco in the yard so i decided to comment to her dad how he should give it to me as a tow rig, he said for what and i told him for my toyota. He looks at me and says "you install the new clutch master and slave in the 92 tercel there and its yours".


went with a friend to look at buying a bronco for him, and noticed the red one sitting in the driveway. so i talked the guy into selling them both to us if we bought the other one for $250 under his asking price... he said ok and i was there the next day with a trailer. :lol:


the ramcharger was a good friend moved to texas and his grand-parents were getting tired of it sitting in their driveway so he called me and told me to take it and give him a couple hundred or something when/if he's back in town.

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lol, nope..never bothered me.. i have a soft spot for one or two chevy's...but i really dont like them.


and yes, when the ford breaks its time to bust out the toyota and take care of business. :lol:

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