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i need to see a 620 with 4 inch drop and 2 leafs

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I just ordered 4 inch lowering block , when they get here i am installing them and removing all but 2 leaf springs and indexing my bars so i can be low until i bag it . So what i am looking for people to post pics of there truck if you have done the exact drop on your truck and as soon as i get mine dropped i will post pics as well

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this is mine with just the main leaf and the thick overload leaf and 3in blocks. its also notched. the axle sits in where the frame used to be. ten the torsions are just cranked. ill reindex them when i make the shock towers taller.




do you got baggs on there now just wondering cause the bottom pic looks lower than the top one

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3 inch blocks in the rear. Retained all the leafs, but the second leaf is flipped and placed on top. Coils in front.






why did you flip the second leaf and do you have a pic of the coils in the front ? oh great looking 620 by the way

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why did you flip the second leaf and do you have a pic of the coils in the front ? oh great looking 620 by the way


more pictures are in my build thread.


I flipped the second leaf to "de-arch" the leafs. It increases the sping rate as well.


When you remove a bunch of leafs you are in a sense de-arching your springs as well, but your spring rate goes lower.


Now, i might have used the wrong terms but i hope you get the idea.


What most people will recommend to you is to take your leafs to a place and get them dearched, you keep the same rate and you can have the desired ride height. Supposely its not that expensive, maybe 100 bucks.

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