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Power steering problems..noise

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OOOPS I mean non power steering box......

I turned took my car out today and noticed a bad noise. I turned the steering all the way to the left and the steering box makes noise like when a power steering rack is dry or bad. It only does it towards the left not all the way to the right. Can anyone help me as to what this is and hot to fix it? Thanks

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I have not looked into it further yet but tommorow I will......if it was low on fluid I would think it would make the noise turnin it both ways max...I dunno. I didnt even think a non power steering rack could make noises like that :)

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Thats what jeff said but I have shitty temp exhaust, factory mani to stock downpipe to a muffler right under my feet so its not that and it does it only when the car is running. I will check it out somemore and keep ya posted

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Well after talking to Jeff Ive found the problem and its a interesting one. The bar that conects wheel to wheel with the steering box rubs on my flywheel when turned to the left sitting in the drivers seat. I tried to bring both the passenger side (mounted to the frame rail) and the box itself forward and it still does it. I dont have the dust shield on the lower part of the tranny so that may be it, there to prevent over steering but I dunno. Anyone else have this happen....if not I will worry about it later as long as I dont steer to far left and saw my steering linkage in half over time ha ha

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