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cars in barns

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I've been checking this link out for a couple of days and thought you gals/guys would also like to check it out.

Mopars, GM's, Fords, AMC only no Datsuns were found, just American rust/cars.




some of you probalay already have seen it so this is for the ones that have not seen this site.

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seen it a few years ago



i check it now and then but doesnt look like its been updated in a long time



***edit*** Ha, just checked it. looks like there is a little bit of an update



Tho, dont hold your breathe for the "New Site" They were supposed to have that new site up 2 years ago when i first saw it.

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bumpity bump


the site has been updated as of 7-2009.. still no Datsuns, :cool:


Probably because all the Japanese cars from those days are long gone in a pile of rust. The American cars may not have been the best for rust back then but the Japs were a 100 times worse.

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yeah, I thought that also, plus maybe the people finding these old cars are not into old datsuns..


if they were to find them there prob be something like a engine, trans or windshield left over --- something that shows a sign of one being around..

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