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720 carpet in a 620

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Im putting the padded rubber "carpet" from a 1980 720 in my 620 and when I mocked it up it seemed to be the same thing. Screw holes are even in the same place. Has anyone else done this and is there something Im missing? Seems waaay to easy and I cant believe no one else out there has tried it...

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Not a bad idea, the pic thing. Its about in, but there are still some good pics to share.


To start, I put waaaay too much effort into this. This is the back side of the rubber before I got started. I couldnt stand the crappy old felt padding, so I cleaned it off. Get real friendly with some adhesive remover and a six pack if you want to. Thats about how I did it. Be liberal. With both:D



After cleaning it up, all I did was cut new padding (got the too expensive polyester nevergonnarot stuff) and matched it to how the original pieces were cut and glued. Used a super adhesive from a body shop. pro strength in a can. Its amazing.


I had already cleaned the floors (had a clutch master that leaked down the inside of the firewall) and painted with a rust inhibitor, so tuck in the carpet, and with a little massaging, it looks like....



Heres detail pics of things that need to be fixed before calling it done.


First, the rubber mat is a little too wide. Im gonna cut mine down the middle, remove an inch or two, run self tapping screws like a savage.



THe carpet doesnt come up the side of the door rail, so you may want to paint where it doesnt cover.



And here is a sweet pic of the padding and painted floor.



Really, having done this, Im gonna do it on any of these trucks I ever own. Theres not much to it. Some of the stuff I thought would work out doesnt, like the screw holesare all off an inch or two by the seats, its too wide and all that. But whatever. It was 7 bucks for carpet at Pull a part, they always have 720s and if youre smart, take a box cutter, check the vans and see if you cant get a chunk of decent padding there too. Go for the thickest stuff you can find, I wish I had two layers of the stuff im using. Depending on how picky you are, you can do some trimming, but Im gonna drive mine like this for a few weeks and see how it settles in.

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Very nice, and i believe that 720 carpet kits are availabe new still from ACC.


How much did this help the road noise in the truck while driving?


Havent driven it yet, but im sure itll help alot. The original carpet deteriorated over years from the brake fluid coming down the inside of the firewall. THere was nothing left on the drivers side but black fuzz!


I also put some padding in the hollows of the doors, replaced some weatherstripping and put in new felt channels for the windows. Still sounds like a tin can when i shut the doors :P

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