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6 hole flexplate BS


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For those of you who are not aware,and I assume it is most of you since I have inquired on this and no one ever said this but, a 6 hole flexplate torque converter mounting hole spacing is 6 1/4" centers and a TC for a borg warner auto is 6" centers. Maybe the nissan auto T/C is 6 1/4" but I dont know.

I decided to say screw it with the old crap ass l16 in the dime and went to throw in the L20b I rebuilt. Of course the last thing before dropping it in was to mount the TC and no deal. Would it be a problem to bore out the holes to make it fit or could that cause weak spots or something? If that is a no go then I will probably just drop in a dogleg 5 speed and mount up the clutch pedal and all related stuff. Unless some one has a wider spread TC for cheap,local and already off. This really sucks because I didnt realize canby was in 2 weeks and i am not going to drive the 521 this year. It will be getting a LZ 2.3 in a few weeks when i can afford the machine work and the L16 in it has a severly stretched chain and has already skipped teeth a couple times and I dont want to break down that far from home. If I cant get the dime up and going by then I will not be attending.

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3N71B Nissan automatic torque converter for six bolt L18 and L20B motors are spaced 6.25" apart. The 3N71B was introduced in 04 '71 so assume the BW 35 was gone by then so no L18 or L20B ever saw them. Even if drilled the BW torque converter may not fit up against the 3N71B flywheel.

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Its cool. I ditched the auto all together. I got the motor in place and have the dogleg 5 speed ready to bolt up. I wanted to go auto but screw it,this will be more fun anyways. Maybe go big cam and twin mikunis and keep the truck 2 barrel.

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