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1982 Datsun 720 King Cab - Street Truck Project

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I recently acquired a 5-speed 1982 Datsun 720 (im assuming its a 720 since its an 1982, correct?) King Cab from my grandfathers friend for $800. I have yet to see it but have explored the web a bit and think I would like to modify the truck towards a Street Truck. I would like to spend under $2,000 modifying it, I know this seems impossible but I tricked out my JDM civic (not a rice mobile, it was a tuner) for about the same amount by being thrifty.


By this I mean: Lowered, loud, black, powerful, and sexy. :D


If you look at ]2eDeYe's signature, thats kind of look im going for.


Any help or pointers in this direction would be great!


First off, is the engine currently in it a good platform to work with or should I swap?

I believe that its a Z22 engine if I'm correct.


Second, what are my options for lowering? I dont want it slammed, but would definitely like to tuck some tire or be close to it.

Can I adjust something that's stock or do I need to buy something to replace?


Third, rims. I was thinking of Titan rims in gunmetal or silver with low-profile tires. Any other rims worth mentioning? What tire size should I use on the titans?


Fourth, exhaust. Whats the sickest sounding setup I can go with?

I was thinking some glasspacks placed right under the cab and chopping it off after them, before the start of the bed. Possibly sending some tips out the side before the rear wheels.


Fifth, does the front on the 720 have the square lights? (remember I haven't seen the truck yet). If so, is there any way to replace it with a 620 grill and lights?


Thanks for any contributions, pics to come asap. :cool:

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let out your torsion bars. that drops the front easily. Then get drop blocks for the rears.


Some one may suggest using a different motor, but as long as it runs strong who cares. But you could take parts of this motor and put them into a L20 and make a L22 stroker.


Search the site there is a lot of info around.

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All '80-'86 720 have 4 small rectangular head lights.

1980 was the first model year for the 720.

1981 was the first year for the 'new' Z22 motor.

I believe there are drop spindles available for the next generation truck '86 and up D-21 Hardbody. This will lower the front without affecting the camber as much as a torsion bar drop alone.

'83 and up have an up-graded front brake with vented rotor and larger caliper that should swap onto the older '82.

The only drop in replacement motor is the larger '83 and up Z24.

Both motors, but specially the Z24 really respond to a 32/36 Weber carb change.

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I believe there are drop spindles available for the next generation truck '86 and up D-21 Hardbody. This will lower the front without affecting the camber as much as a torsion bar drop alone.



Hey guys forgive me for bumping an old thread, but I wanted to know if its possible to use drop spindles made for a hardbody on my 81 720. My truck is a reg cab short bed if that matters.

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So I will need the rotors, calipers, and caliper brackets off a hardbody? What else should I figure in. Sorry for all the questions but I lowered my truck by turning down the torsion bars and dont like how the truck rides and handles, so I would rather lower it a better way.

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