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revisiting the H190


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I've been researching the archives on the H190 options for a wagon, and was wondering if any updated info is out there? I'm building a wagon racecar, and would like the 4.38 gearing out of a 620, and an LSD if it is still available out there, but I gotta keep it Datsun for Vintage racing rules. Axle swap would be OK if neccesary. I've ran welded diffs for years in my 240Z racecars, but loved it when I switched to a Comp LSD. For now I'm just welding up the stock 3.9, but I have a 5 spd I'd like to hook up to a 4.38. Suggestions?


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The truck 4.375 H-190 will drop in if you swap the side gears from the wagon diff into it first. The wagon has 23 spline side gears and the truck 31... or 29 I forget. No the truck axles won't work. The H-190 never came with a factory LSD that I know of. Correction the Roadster did and had the 23 spline side gears... good luck finding one... for under $1,200. Get an aftermarket one. The first truck with one was the WD-21 in '87, beating even Toyota , of course it was the larger H-233.




520/521 with J13 motor 4.875

'68-'72 521 4.375 *Aluminum case same as Roadster and wagon.

'73-'79 620 truck. All were 4.375 except for the '74 automatic (4.625) and the '79 standard (4.11)

'80-'86 720 2wd and '80-82' 4X4 with ratios of 3.364 (yes) 3.70, 3.889, 4.11, 4.375.

'82-'83 S110 3.70 and 3.889

'80-'84 810/Maxima with 3.364, 3.545, 3.70

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If you are looking for LSD rears, Precision Gear's Power Brute LSD was available for an H190 Pick-up (large spline) rear.


If the wagon needs to maintain a Datsun/Nissan rear for your rules, the 1982(7/81)-83 200SX (or S110) used a live axle H190 rear with large spline axles.


The early 620 pick-up rears bolt right into the rear and with a Power Brute LSD you would have an LSD rear with a brand new LSD. The 200SX axle is considerably wider than a 510 Wagon axle, so you'll end up using FWD offset wheels to fit the tires under the wagon's fenders. I do not have exact dimensions on the width of the 200SX axle with me.

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