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  1. My 710 is a race car, I’m trying to locate the underhood VIN chassis stamps, maybe I’ve got some add-on parts located over them. So where do I need to look? And where does the thin metal square tag go that has the VIN stamped on it originally go? Mine is loose and came in the logbook. Thanks
  2. troyt

    710 race car

    Time for something new. http://www.race-cars.com/carsales/other/1529821089/1529821089ss.htm
  3. troyt

    710 race car

    And from Buttonwillow Raceway Park last week...
  4. troyt

    710 race car

    Someone asked if the 710 is still racing. Yep, here's a pic from last month at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park.
  5. Tom, while the Roadster and 510 wagon h190s share the same 23 spline pattern, the axle housings are considerably different in width. Do you know which one you have, as 1300mm (51.2") is too wide for a Roadster and a bit narrower than a 510 wagon. Perhaps yours is a narrowed 510 wagon rearend. What car are you running that rearend in?
  6. Well I'm looking for WMS-to-WMS width of the 810 wagon h190. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. Datsun race cars in winter hibernation.
  8. Well you had a good builder, and good parts, but I've never seen that much damage in so few miles due to lack of additives. Ah well, sometimes shit just happens. Hopefully you got it all sorted out for the rebuild, the wagon deserves to run hard :thumbup:
  9. No welder needed for the spraybar install, just basic hand tools. But for a .500 lift cam and less than 6K rpm, that wasn't the issue to cause such severe lashpad destruction, something else happened there. Did you replace the pads with new when you upgraded the cam the first time or just put the 40 yr old ones back in? Oil starvation is also a big issue in hard-pushed old motors. Even with a trap-doored, race prepped oil pan, I've watched the oil pressure gauge drop 20# around a long sweeper as all the oil gets thrown to one side of the pan and the pickup tube starts starving the oil pump. And we really need to clean out the oil galleys feeding the cylinder head when our motors are apart too. Are you using an upgraded oil pump or running an oil pressure gauge?
  10. troyt

    710 race car

    A man can dream, can't he??? Laguna Seca last weekend with SCCA, chasing Porsche Cup cars...
  11. How high of a lift cam have you gone to? What rpms are you going to while competing? The only way Datsun racers make their high-lift, high-rpm cams last is with a cam spray bar. Kits only cost about $100 and takes a few hours to fab in. I would seriously look into it... http://www.dpracing.co/#!camshaft-spray-bar-l4/c91z
  12. troyt

    710 race car

    Not this year unfortunately, hope to make it back again soon.
  13. <<I just realized this was taken at DIA, now I'm wondering how they got the high angle, 4th floor center core maybe?>> Yep, Flt Ops and In Flight are up on the 4th floor, great views east and west of the B terminal. Here's another DIA shot from last year, looking west across the ramp.
  14. Nah, past the worst and moving forward :thumbup:
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