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13" Enkei Gold Mesh wheels

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I've got a set of 13" Enkei wheels that I just pulled off my car (swapped them out for a set of 14" blue mesh Enkei wheels).


They're in very good shape, with very minor rash. The tires are bald and worthless.




Here's the rash, barely visible:




Here they are on my car before I took them off:





Make an offer. Ideally, I'd like to trade them out for a set of decent 2-door doors (with glass), since that's the last thing I need for my 510.

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whisper3H - they fit on a stock 510, if that's what you're asking. They fit on a lowered 510 as well (like mine). There are no concerns with it fitting on a 510.


Incidentally, I've got a guy coming down with money for the wheels, but I will take trade for a clean set of 2-door 510 doors, since i need the doors more than I need the money. He plans to come down on Thursday, so any doors that are available in trade before Thursday take the wheels.


Or... I suppose if somebody wants to sell me a set of doors, I'll have some cash after Thursday.

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