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Bruce's 720 (in Arizona)


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These two shots are of My new mechanic, Bruce's, 720. If You look closely You will see how I met Him. There is a Japanese plate on the front of this clean 720 that I would regularally see driving in Bullhead City. One day last summer, He turned down a street and I was able to finally follow Him to His house. It turned out that He had heard about Me and was trying to somehow meet Me too!! Anyway, He has now worked on 3 of My trucks doing tuneups and such getting them into "turn key" statis.


This truck, though, is incredibal! The story behind it is very long and the detail work awesome. This truck has a KA swap that Bruce did a few years ago. Not just that, though. It would boggle Your mind looking at all of the detail work done into thinking that it came from Japan installed. Stock brackets, stock looking hoses, etc would fool most unknowing people into thinking that it has always been in that engine compartment. Anyway, I thought I would "introduce" the truck to Ratsun. There are more photos still in My camera that I will be posting later of the engine and interior.






By the way........ Bruce just had the truck painted. That's not all, though. ALL new rubber was done INCLUDING the windshield fluid sprayers on the hood!! This gives You an idea of the detail on this "new" 720!!

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HMMmmmmmm, I should have checked/cleaned My scanner first. Those "splotches" are NOT on Bruce's paint job! The color is somewhat dim too. The yellow is a few shades brighter. I believe that it is a stock Nissan yellow.


His interior has been fully redone and the bed has liner material inside. There are so many hidden tricks to this truck I cann't remember them all. Bruce is one of those meticulious people that think out a project fully and then tackle it right. This truck is fuel injected and He explained in detail how He has both circuits seperate so that a scanner can be plugged into either to diagnose any problem. This is the truck if You remember Me asking a few months ago if there ever was a 720 radio blank plate. Bruce fabricated one (actually a work of art alone!!) that looks like it came in the truck with matching paint. He has had 510s years ago and (ask Mark) is VERY knowlodgable on Datsun/Nissan vehicles. I wish He were online as He would be able to answer a lot of complex questions that We come up with. Bruce was the guy that told Me that a 1972 1/2 620 has a different carb than a 1973 and even choke relay. Stuff like that. I am hoping that He makes JCCS this year with Us.

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So your using a film camera, and then scanning the images? We need to get you to 2009 and get you a digital camera.


The 720 looks sweet. I had an 85' 720 4x4 that was also yellow like that, years ago. I'd really like to see what the engine bay looks like.

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Yes, I'm STILL taking film pix!!! I used to take slides but when that film and developing began to fade, I just switched to 1 hour. Those days, it looks, are also fading.


Anyway, after the car show today I turned in these taken also on the 7th.










I know a little bit about His KA swap. The information, however, is quite lengthy. Basically He has two circuits, if that makes sense. The engine circuit is all 1998 and anything in the cab and body is stock, if You will. Look closely how Bruce designed the air intake and ran hose locations and lines as if it came this way!!!

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I was supposed to add these photos a few months ago. Here is one of the cool additions that Bruce has added to His truck. A few of You might also get inspired to make Your truck a "work" truck (as well as looking NICE) such as Bruce has done here:






As Bruce is a mechanic and lots of times (as i myself know WELL) there isn't anyone else around to help You (or Him) lift heavy objects. What Bruce did was to take a hoist that came from China, adapt it and modify a few things to make a removable hoist in His 720. NOTE: He did NOT mount this directly to the bed......... It is bolted to a thick, built-up plate UNDER the bed that is welded to the frame and re-inforced.






Bruce also had large sized freeze plugs welded on each rear corner underneath face down. Outrigger stancions adjust to fit firmly between the ground and the freeze plug "holders" to prevent weight sagging while loading or unloading. He is able to lift just about anything heavy by Himself with no effort.




When He is done, He simply removes the pins in the hoist and it comes apart in about 5 or 6 individual light pieces that lay in the bed. Pretty cool, huh?!?!?!?

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