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81 720 brake light issue


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Hit the brakes and the right turn signal indicator comes on along with the dash lights. Turn the lights on and the right side tail lights go out when I hit the brake pedal. front right turn signal blinks the marker socket. turn the lights on and there is no right turn signal. I know it sounds confusing because it is! Please help. thanks, Joe

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Just a guess... check the front right signal bulb and the rear 2 filament bulb for brake and running light on the right side. The filament has broken and the loose end has flopped around and welded itself to the other filament. I think.

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where are the grounds attached? Each bulb has a ground wire and they all tie together and go back into the harness. What is the best way to clean out the sockets? I tried to scrape them with a jeweler's flathead but that didn't work too well. thanks for all your replies, Joe

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Although there is a ground return wire on the rear harness, there is also a small black wire in the general area of the license plate that is bolted to the underside of the box between the bumper and the spare.

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You mean the ground under the battery where the washer fluid leaks. Have to move that one over a little. Thanks guys I have been slowly making progress. A few more clean grounds and connections and 1 new bulb holder and I just might be in business. Joe

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