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crank question


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If i were to acquire an z22 crank could i just stab it into my l20b?


I'm thinking ill need to machine the crank for clearance and use z22 rods also.


Am i on the money any furthur input would be nice.

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Z22 cranks will fit right into the L20B.


Z22S and early Z22E rods are the same as those used in the L20B 145.9mm long. If you use the later 149.5mm Z22E rods you will have to use the later pistons as well. All things equal, I would run with the longer rods.


If you get the Z22 crank, get the rods and pistons too. The Z22S or the Z22E crank/rods/pistons (as long as you keep them as a set) will fit in the L20B block IF you bore the block 2mm larger from the stock 85mm to 87mm. You will basically be converting an L20B into an L22.


If you bore the block, supply the pistons to the machinist. No piston is exactly 87mm they are mass produced and are +-. The block has to be bored to exactly match the piston used in that cylinder.



Another possibility requires no boring but the engine size is only increased to a 2.1 liter. Use the Z22S crank and rods but find a set of Z20S pistons. They are the same bore as the L20B block. I can't find mention of this combo in the JG articles.

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