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Help!! Weber 32/36


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Hey guys, I'm almost ready to throw my 3236 on my L20B but I'm a little bit confuse with the Throttle Lever Assembly, does anybody has pictures of their set up. I'm using the original L20B intake manifold, so if you have some pictures It will help me a lot thanx.

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stock cable linkage part it will bolt up to the weber DGV from the stock carb.You might have to put washers as spacers so the cable fits nicely into the groove so its a nice transition so the cable dont wear prematurely.


if you have a new kit it will come with a niclad plated calbe holder that will bolt up to the carb.

if you dont have this you will have to oblong the holes as the weber the bolt spacing is BIGGER anf the stock cable holder will not fit ovee the stud spacing. Youll figure this out.


rightsidetruck motor_thumb.jpg

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they sell a braket kit to adapt the cable bought one with my base plate adapter.....works good i will try and remember to take a pic next time im near my truck....been busy tryin to diagnose a whistling weber...


Bracket came out of yakima was here in one day off ebay.....i'll see if i can find the link for you....

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