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Poor Mans 620 project.

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The poor mans project. DSCF0542-1.jpg my 40.00 truck...oh and it came wth an aluminum tool bax worth close to 150.00-200.00. I wish I had time and money to take it down to the frame but it will be a good running everyday truck.

Over the years I've had 4 620 pkups. Wish i new then what i know now....would have kept the 79 extended cab for sure.


My project is a 78 Lil'Hustler bought for 40.00. I like the Lil Hustler because of all the crome. Had a blown head gasket and some front end damage. 88.00 for a new radiator shipped to the house, gaskets for the head up, the clutch had stuck to the pressure plate so i had to rock it in 1st gear for a long time until it disengaged.


Found a hood for 75.00 and the guy said 150.00 for the whole truck. He said the motor was bad but unsure of the tranny. The engine had rtv and looked worked on so i pulled it along with the tranny and found an L20B with all new parts and a brand new timing chain tensioner rolling around, probably the guys 1st attempt at a rebuild and junked it due the sound it made after all the work he put in it.


I've tried about 4 different Hitachi's on it but didn't like the way any of them ran. I pulled a carb off a toyota because it looked like it might fit (but didn't). I'm running that carb now and it kicks ass when you step on it.


Here are some pics...carbrebuild007.jpg

The carb after I spent 1 full weekend rebuilding it...I wish i knew where all the vacume hoses went along with where the wires tie in....I'll figure it out, just takes time.


I will keep this updated if for no other reason than to show how hard I work...Ha Ha Ha.

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Nice start! I am impressed with the way you made the Toyota carb work. :D


Get a Weber if you can...with that highrise adapter it should ROCK!


I got the carb adapter at a local speed shop (Seco). They didn't even know they had it. It was hanging on the wall covered with dust and they let me have it for 15.00. As far as the Datsun carb it's bigger than the Hitachi's that come stock on the trucks and if a Weber is as good as advertised it should rock, when I step on this carb enough to open the back venturi it is impressive.


I just bought a front bumper and lower valence (no lights) at a local pull-a-part. I think I'll try to get some cheap lights for my turn signals and make em fit.

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Nice start! I am impressed with the way you made the Toyota carb work. :D


Get a Weber if you can...with that highrise adapter it should ROCK!



I want a Weber so bad I can taste it. The Datsun carb is larger than any of my stock carbs so I thought I'd try it. I like it well enough to to put the Weber on a back burner for now. Currently I'm working on the floor of the cab. In the past I have used sheet aluminum with pop rivets to strengthen the floor from the rust that develops due to water leak I've never been able to completely correct.


I use liquid nails below the aluminum to keep it from rattling and give the floor a strong feel to it. I leave out the lowest rubber drain plug on each side and make sure I don't Mess things up that would cause water to never drain below the sheet aluminum I put down. I scrub the floor with a wire brush, paint it with a good rust conversion paint, then paint it with rubberized bed liner paint, before adding the sheet aluminum.


None of my projects will be show cars. I'll edit this post with a few pics as the process goes along, who wan'ts to read when they can look at pictures?

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