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fuel management......


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anybody had a stuck fuel guage......every once and a while it will come up a little but its stuck on 2/3 full. if i disconnect the wires it will drop down to empty but even after cleaning the terminals it still stays n the same place. i already ran out of gas once....oops.....i thought maybe since the truck sat for 10 years that the arm is rusted in place but just curious if anyone else had this problem.....and if they did what did you do to solve the problem....



And what kinda mileage poeple getting out of there l16..i think im hovering around 16mpg in town....from my calculations


What size is the gas tanks 12gallons? And is there a source for new fule filler hose mines cracked and a slow leaker....

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Get a Generic Fuel hose to the tank

Make sure its tight.The previos owner said everytme it rained his gastank would fillup with water.

also dirt will get in there and plug the idle fuel jet. It colloect on top of the hose.


MY gause would read full soemtimes.

What happed the solder joint broke at the sender where it goes in the tank. So it would ground out.


I guess you can try to remove it by turning it and it might clean up. But I havent done this myself.



did replacing the acell pumpon carb fix ur issue?

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