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I may end up like...

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That old guy who wouldn't sell me his datsun truck he had sitting in his yard for 10 years. Me and some other people bugged the shit out of him years ago trying to get him to sell his truck since he wasn't doing anything with it. But he always had a reason or excuse as to not sell it. He said the brakes needed to be fixed and that was it or some other story, but he would never sell it. Well, a few years later he passed on and his wife sold it to the first person that came to the door asking about it.

Well, I've had my kingcab for almost 3 years now, I have had my 74 for about a year and a half roughly. I did sell it back in september but was able to buy it back from the person I sold it too. I have another truck i will be putting together down the road after I get done with lugnuts truck and another project. But I intend on only having three trucks and a bunch of extra parts and that will be it. I don't think I'll ever sell my trucks anymore, i'll just end up updating them as the years progress. Now I understand where that old guy was coming from, he loved his datsun pickup. His wife sure didn't though.


One of these days when I'm 90 years old and some kid comes to my door asking if i want to sell my trucks, i'll be like, nope, I'm getting a few parts in so i can update it to get it back on the road, even after its sat in my yard for 10 or 20 years, and eventually i'll remember back to the time when I was that kid. LOL.

I posted this thread because, I haven't paid anymore then 600 bucks for a datsun truck, and i've noticed on craigslist in the seattle area there are a few trucks that are going for quite a bit more, especially the 1974 datsun hardbody truck for 2600 bucks.

Datsuns are good trucks, and years ago i thought it would be a great idea to restore em and sell em, but, no I don't see selling a datsun for anymore then 1000 bucks, even if you've invested 4000 bucks into it.

I guess that could all change in the next few months or a year or so down the road when fuel prices skyrocket, but by then i'll be switching one of my trucks to electric:D.

what do you all think, you have a truck or a datsun you would absolutely never part with?

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I plan on passing my 510 to my daughter as well. Fortunately, she's only 5 years old, so I get to keep it for a long time. But I think the stipulation will be that she's not allowed to sell or trade it in. If she wants a new car, she'll have to give me back my dime...


... after which I'll undo the pink paint job she currently says she wants to apply to it when she gets it.

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Yeah, i guess i could pass em on to my kids, if I ever end up having any. I suppose though I would have to make stipulations on that as well.

For one, they'll be helping me work on them from the time they can start crawling, that way they will appreciate them more. Or not, I guess that could be disasterous. Like parents draggin their kids to church.:D

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