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I need a good Mechanic

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Alright, I know you guys are probably hearing me talk about plans and never seeing any action from me but I am trying to change that especially after my girlfriend told me to fix my truck so I would be happy :D. I was wondering if anyone knows a good trustworthy mechanic in Southern California that would be able to do a complete engine and carb rebuild including cleaning and some kind of powder coat/paint on the block head and valve cover. My last but certanly not least requirement is that it MUST PASS SMOG!!! So, I am looking at traveling up to ~200 miles in any direction from 93534 and understand the cost of something like this. I would prefer someone that specializes in Datsun engines but will take any suggestions. I thought about an engine swap but I want to keep my truck as simple as possible and, sorry, but when you start adding computers and EFI and other things it becomes cluttered. The L20B is plenty in my truck already :P

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Javin i took my 620 to a good mechanic when i 1st bought it for a few things that i couldnt figure out. The shop is "south bay Datsun" & is 10 minutes from my house. Call 619-474-8826 & ask for Buck. Hes been in businesss for 30 years & his prices are fair.

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