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86 720 for $450


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what do you guys think.

I found an 86 720 with 68000 miles 1 owner. 0 rust. I mean none. small dent on driver door like someone closed it too hard. 5 speed no air. great tires. weathered dash but the rest of the interior is great.

motor does not run. the guy told me that he was pulling a small trailor and the motor started making a noise like a blown exhaust gasket. however the more he drove it the weaker it got. He said to get it home he had to hold the gas to the floor and still barely made it.

When I got there to look he had the valve cover off and all the rockers and cam etc. look very clean. He said that he always kept the oil changed.

He was an older man and not very mechanically minded {his words}.


I didn't try to turn the motor. he said it will start with some coaxing but that was about all.

He wants $450 firm. and I am thinking about buying it but I wanted your guys opinion.

What do you think could be wrong?

How expensive are these engines to fix/rebuild? and what are the weak links?

Thanks in advance. peace

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All 720s were carbbed (at least in the US). I don't know where people got info that they were injected- yes Nissan had a TBI Z24 in '86, but it was used exclusively in the Hardbody (86.5) not the 720. Now the '84-86 720 DID come with a difficult to tune feedback carb that's controlled via computer.


I don't think it blew a head gasket- it probably burned a valve. Mine did.

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I think it's an excellent deal for the money. You have to take the head off to check the valves anyway so check the gasket. A compression check will narrow down the search. Two ajacent cylinders with low numbers might have a blown gasket between them.


If you have experience working on L series you can do the Z24.

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so I struck a deal with him for $350. I am stoked! I'll pick it up tomorrow or monday.

I figured it is valve related at the worst. I hope we are correct. Fixing it will be a breeze. plus I scored an entire gasket set for $14.50 online.


I will post pics when I get it.

check out what I picked up today. I already had the wheels.




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Yeah WOW! the guy I got it from is a car dealer and he calls me when he finds dats. I am like a junkie that can't say NO to datto's and he knows it.

no real plans for it yet except to drive it. the a/c still blows cold. SWEET!

I also have an 84 turbo s12, but this 1 is just so much cooler IMO.

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Speaking of S12s there's an '85 near me that I was just looking at it today and it has this funny looking thing on the intake at the back. Did the CA18ETs have BOVs? The rear end is a 4:11 but is it called an R-200 or a C-200. I used to know and if if asked I don't want to say the wrong thing. There's a number beside the trans # for the rear axle but doesn't help.


I have two '81's for parts and have the EFI off of it for my project.

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yeah if it is turbo it will have a "pov" pop off valve in the rear of the intake. same as a "bov" just plumbed in after the throttle body so hense the name change.?

I am currently running the 411 r200 from 1 of these in my heavily modded turbo 75 280z. very snappy take offs. when the car was bone stock n/a it would jump my buddies 96 z-28 by 3 car lengths from a standing start. after that he would run me down.

now that I have more power than ever needed. It is a Monster!. But anything more than 1/2 throttle I cannot shift it fast enough in first and second + with the t3/t4 60 trim I want more time in the boost so I am going back to a 3.54 r200.

All the 4.11 I have seen are in excellent condition. I think because the ca18et didn't have enough guts to hurt them. at least in stock form. My 200 has 170000 on the clock and the gear pattern looked as if it had 20,000 on it.

If you can get it cheap do it. the ca can be made to run with tons of mods too. if the car is broke down it probably has a blown head gasket with a warped head. very common on these.

anyway blaah blaah. I thought we starten on trucks.? cool how that happens. peace

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I'll look. One car is in a back yard, I bought it and promised to tow when I was done. The guy was cool about it... been over two years. The other is at a w/yard. I offered a cash amount for anything I wanted off it and it just sits there waiting. The only thing that pissed me off was someone took the rad, but oh well.


One has a red interior the other is grey, at least the seat belts are grey... I can check. Or did you mean the inside rubber on the side windows? I'll check that too. Both are hatch back models.


The turbo was off and sitting on the front seat. I could wiggle the shaft on it so I guess someone took it off and said 'no thanks' to it. Later it was sold to someone less caring. Did I say pov? that's twice in the same thread, meant bov.

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