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72 510 Wagon FS in AZ

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I have a 72 510 wagon for sale, very original except sunroof. May be sold with or without drivetrain. The body is in good shape, with two minor exceptions (see below.) Original engine is in pieces in the "trunk" along with the original 4spd. Interior is in good shape; seats are OK originals and this car has the best old headliner I have seen in a Datsun - not the original, not recent, but solid.


Lots of extra pieces inside - instrument cluster, glove box, trim, lights, radiator, some ZX electrical and A/C bits, extra engine and suspension pieces, Z20S block, et cetera. It's a grab bag for Dimers.


Original hubcaps and wheels, including spare. Has two bad tires. Set of four American Racing (IIRC) slot-mag style 13" wheels also included; two of those tires hold air right now. No suspension mods. Has an original roof rack, and a watertight sunroof. Hatch and bumpers are wrinkle-free, and it has a correct gas cap (non-locking.) All lights/trim present, either installed or in cargo area.


Now the bad part (unless a sunroof is bad in your book!): The left front fender has been hit and repaired and its front edge is not fully straight. The right rocker panel (the area covered by the trim strip) is perforated with rust, but this is the only rust other than scattered surface rust. The hood hinges are not bolted in right now, and the RR corner of the hood is bent. Body is in primer. On the happy side, a magnet test showed only minor application of filler during the body prep that the PO had been doing, and that PO (a mechanic) had been taking care of it prior to the smoke getting too bad from the worn L16.


Drivetrain: I have a freshly built zero-miles L20B and a used dogleg 5spd that can go with this car. The engine was built for a circle-track car, and has a Crower cam in the U67 head, but was never run. When I took off the bearing caps for inspection, it still had Lubriplate assembly lube on the bearings. Engine has a stock 510 exhaust mani on it, and an Offy 32/36 intake, as well as the front cover, oil pan, and EI distributor all installed. Valve cover is just resting on the head right now.


Price: $600 for the car and its contents, including the extra wheels. $900 if you want the built L20B and dogleg trans with it.


I can deliver to AZ, NV, SoCal for 50

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Tom, that's a nice looking wagon, no doubt there, but, that's still a 2850km round trip for me ... Sorry, but, I'll have to pass on this one, I just can't take 5 days off to do it :( ... Good luck with her and I hope someone get her before you have to recycle her!

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