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Wagon rear turn signal operation


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I have a 1970 (10/69 production) wagon. Was automatic and now a 5 speed. Not sure if something changed during the conversion or the lights haven't been working properly before.

The rear turn signals are not working properly.

First I need to know which rear lights are which. I think it is;

top bulb is turn signal, middle bulb is tail light and brake light (2 element bulb) and bottom is reverse. 

Is this correct?


As of now the 4 way flashers work. The front signals flash and the rear does. But in the rear, the top 2 bulbs on the left and the right flash. Is that correct? 

The turn signal stalk activates the front signals and they work normally.  Nothing in the rear with turn signal on.

The brake switch also activates the top 2 bulbs on each side.

The reverse lights work. Bottom bulb.


What is the proper operation of the tail lamps on a wagon? Which bulbs come on for each function?


I can't figure out why the flashers work all around at least to some degree but the signals in the back won't work with the turn signal stalk.

I have yet to find an accurate wire diagram that agrees with my wire colors.

I found the connection behind the cluster that goes to the rear and still need to get accurate readings of what is going on there.

Thanks for any info on the operation.



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The turn signal and the brake share the same bulb.


When not signaling a turn the brake signal is connected to both rear bulbs


When signaling a turn the brake signal is disconnected from that side and it is at the same time connected to the turn flasher unit and it flashes.


The fact that the four way emergency flasher is working shows that the wiring and bulbs to the rear are intact and working. This leaves the turn signal switch itself....


The way the signal switch is wired the front and the rear wires (on each side) are separate rather that one wire that comes out of the switch and then splits into two with one front and one rear. This is why your front signals work but the rears do not. Something is wrong in the switch contacts on terminal 7 and 8 when in the L or R signal position. With 7 being the light Green/Black stripe to the rear right signal and 8 being light Green/Red going to the left rear. Remember than when the turn signal is in the off position the brake signal uses these wires and they work! So the problem is in the L and R portion of the turn signal switch. Maybe dirty contacts, but it's for both of them. Maybe try flushing the switch contacts with electrical contact cleaner.



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Ahh. I did not realize that. I was searching for a splice in the harness somewhere where the signal wires split from front to rear. I did move the turn signal switch from one steering column to the current one. So maybe I damaged it while doing that. I will try hooking up my other switch and see what happens and have a good look at the current one.

So how does the 3 bulb tail light operate? Which bulbs serve each function? Bottom is reverse.  Top and middle bulbs? Middle is a dual filament. 

So the top would have to be the signal and brake bulb? Middle is tail light and brake bulb?

Thank you.

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I think the top one is single small 8 watt filament running lamp, on when parking and headlights are on. Next is a dual filament bulb with smaller 8 watt filament for running lights just like the one above and a larger 25 watt for turn signal or brake. Bottom is a single large 23 watt filament reverse lights.

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