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Need A/C connection line on condensor for a 85 Nissan 720 4X4 KC & other parts & guidance on how to tighten up tensioner rods on headliner


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Hi , I'm looking for the A/C connection tube for condenser for an 85 720 4X4 KC ( or whole condenser) ,

also rear window and gas door latches . Also could use the EGR pipe that goes from intake to exhaust manifold

Let me know if you have anything

Also need guidance on how to tighten up headliner tensioner rods, they seem to have become unclipped and headliner is dropping


Trying to keep it running and everything operational. My brother asked me years ago if I wanted this 85 720 4X4 KC that he'd bought new and in 87 he gave me a ride to pick up my daughter from the prospective adoptive couple( I'd fought the adoption and got custody when she was 2 months old) so 1st time I'd held my daughter was in this truck

So of course I said yes. The 720 was also his daughter Jaime's  first vehicle and she beat it up pretty well learning to drive and party ( she thought going 4 wheeling was great and made greater with more throttle :)) ) She had numerous adventures in it and then it was passed on to his son , but the transfer case mounts were cracked and broken and it flopped around.

I fixed all those issues along w new shocks ,brakes, suspension, rebuilt carb and got it thru smog and have been usiing it for years to haul lumber, going to the dump , going 4 wheeling and camping or hauling my motorcycle trailer around. A couple years ago my brothers daughter passed away from septicis and I took the Nissan to her Celebration of life and all of her girlfriends had lots of stories and memories of adventures with Jaime and this truck. Needless to say I'll never sell it , So let me know if you have anyof the items listed to help me keep it going 

thanks again

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